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Global warming is an urgent matter. With each passing day, more and more effort is being put into curbing this phenomenon. In Urbancubes, we are contributing our part in reducing the carbon footprint by generating electricity from Renewable Energy which is more environmentally friendly sources of power like solar energy. Solar energy systems allow us to turn natural sunshine into usable electricity, which helps reduce air and water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and the need for non-renewable energy resources. We provide 3 types of renewable energy products such as Roof Top Solar, LED Solar Street Lighting & Energy Performance Contracting.


SOLARSAVE is a great way to save your electricity bill by using solar energy. You pay cheaper electricity compared to conventional electricity from the grid through Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).


No more hassle on paying big amount of electric bills because we can retrofit all conventional costly lighting to an effective economical lighting, Q-Ray. Offering LED lighting that does not incur any capital costs which warrants consumer on full product warranty throughout contract period.

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