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World Environment Day

Since 1974, World Environment Day has been celebrated every year on 5th June, engaging governments, businesses and citizens in an effort to address pressing environmental issues. It serves as the people’s day for doing something positive for the environment, inspiring individual actions that will collectively generate a huge positive impact on the planet.

2021 World Environment Day theme is focus in the “Ecosystem Restoration” which means preventing, halting and reversing this damage to go from exploiting nature to healing it. Only with healthy ecosystems can we enhance people’s livelihoods, counteract climate change and stop the collapse of biodiversity.

As one of the prominent Industrial Park Facilities Management company in Pulau Indah, we play our part to contribute to ecosystem and raise awareness about how we as a society can keep the environment Green, clean and healthy. Sustain in protecting the natural environment and Preserve natural resources for future generations and its align with our values “Green, Sustain, Preserve” to restore the ecosystem.

We are very proud to be surrounded with Mangroves in this Beautiful Island. Mangroves are the first line of defence for coastal communities. Mangroves make up one of the most productive and biologically diverse ecosystems. While sustaining our business excellence in maintaining the facilities at River Track Cycling Park, we are preserving and restoring the biodiversity ecosystems in Pulau Indah by allocating area for mangrove planting along the River Track Cycling Park.

Waste Management can have a critical effect on ecosystems. A lot of trash ends up in the ground, in the water, or even in the air when garbage is burned. This can devastate plants, animals, and humans who need water, air, and nutrient-rich soil to survive. Waste production will be an important issue moving forward because the world’s population continues to increase each year. More people means more waste. In Urbancubes, we are committed to take care of your waste by providing the outstanding industrial waste management services for non-hazardous and recyclable materials.

Global warming is an urgent matter. With each passing day, more and more effort is being put into curbing this phenomenon. In Urbancubes, we are contributing our part in reducing the carbon footprint by generating electricity from Renewable Energy which is more environmentally friendly sources of power like solar energy. Solar energy is a clean and sustainable way to generate electricity using the sun as an abundant energy source. Solar energy systems allow us to turn natural sunshine into usable electricity, which helps reduce air and water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and the need for non-renewable energy resources.

Urbancubes are very committed in doing our part. Be the change you want to see in the world. Each one can make a difference through our everyday actions. Let’s protect our environment for our future generations and for a better tomorrow.

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